Nap times

What do you manage to do during nap times? Every day I imagine I will be super productive and get multiple things done at once. I mean, why do one thing, when you can do several right?

Today, with visitors coming over this afternoon, my little lamb chop has fallen asleep on me. I could move, and chance waking her, which will result in a drastically reduced nap duration, or I could rest, write a blog post and do some reading instead. I choose, the latter.

I read recently, in the book ‘Calm Parents, Happy Kids’ by Dr Laura Markham, that to remain calm and to enjoy your day, to really acknowledge any wins you might have within the day. Right now, although not productive in a sense, it’s a win, because I’m resting. I feel relaxed. No doubt the rest of the day is going to be busy. Enjoying this moment is a bonus. What do you do to relax during the day? What are your ‘wins’?

I love reading whenever I can. When my first child was born, I desperately wanted a manual that told me exactly how to grow a happy, healthy, intelligent child. My background is in IT. I’m used to reading manuals whenever I buy something. I have even written many during my career. As I discovered, there is no ‘one manual or book fits every child’. I ended up reading many, many books. My whole spare time was taken up with reading and being thoroughly overwhelmed with all the various opinions on how to best raise a child.

Second time around, possibly because I have less time, I have decided to read less and just go with the flow more. For me, and possibly baby 2, it’s been a much more enjoyable and less confusing time for us.

That said, one book I have just come across recently, borrowed from my local library, is ‘The Mommy Shorts Guide to Remarkably Average Parenting’ by Ilana Wiles. The book is fantastically funny. I love that I can have it on my counter, and just choose to read a page at random. I figure at this rate, I might have the book read and returned to the library within the month.

What books are you reading? Do you read parenting books, or do you prefer something completely different and off the topic of parenting altogether?

I feel relaxed. Thank you baby 2 for forcing me (yes, really), to stop and enjoy the moment. I haven’t been as productive as I would have liked, but I’m sure it’s not the end of the world. No doubt the house will get messy with the visitors. I will have to tidy up when they leave.

I hope you made good use of your babies nap time, if your baby is lucky enough to still be napping.

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