Learning to be more organized

Today, I have been lucky enough that my baby girl has had two naps. Lately, it has started to be only one nap. I’m sure she’d always love two, but it is generally hard to get her to nap when I am racing around taking my eldest to kindergarten and then later, picking her up.

Today, I’m so grateful that the grandparents are picking the eldest up, so that I can actually let my baby sleep.

The house is peaceful. Everyone is relaxed. It’s lovely.

I often think how different it is with the second child.  With my first born, any trips or arranged play dates were planned around nap times. With my second, the poor thing just has to go with the flow more. She doesn’t seem to be suffering. If anything, she seems to sleep so much better at night time. This could be because she is so much more exhausted. Thankfully she’s a happy baby.

My days are starting to become a little more predictable. It definitely took a while after my baby was born and my life to stop feeling so chaotic, looking after two children. The biggest shock for me, going from one (almost self sufficient) child, to two, was the sudden lack of any me-time. I always felt like a headless chicken, running around the house. I felt exhausted all the time and used coffee to wake me up and come alive.

I still use coffee to wake me up and come alive. Ahh coffee…

As the fog has started to lift, I have found that certain things are actually helping me to stay organized and in control. I have found that preparing as much for the next day, once the girls have gone to sleep, really helps with my mornings. One thing I can almost always guarantee is that the nights I don’t get everything ready, is going to be the same night that the girls have terribly broken sleep and that my sleep is utterly destroyed, from looking after them.

Preparation is definitely key.

What are some of the things I do? I get the lunches ready, clothes picked out (for everyone), books, bags, forms etc all ready to go. Once everything is picked out, prepared and ready, I tidy up the mess from the day.

All of this might sound completely obvious, but to me, having spent the last 9 months in a sleep deprived state, I felt I was too exhausted to see. My days would be trying to get everything done while the girls were awake. Doing so always took significantly longer to achieve, as I was always stopping half way through to spend time with the girls, rescue them from whatever misadventure, feed them or perform any necessary nappy changes.

I have never had a routine. I have always gone with the flow. I have found that routines actually have such a positive impact on my girls. I am hoping that before heading back to work, that I will have a routine that works for me too. So far it seems to be helping.

Mornings are definitely a lot easier and are definitely a lot quieter. Previously, it was always a frantic rush trying to get everyone ready and out the door. Now, I can actually relax, and enjoy my coffee. I certainly have a long way to go to becoming super organized, but have definitely found that careful preparation has significantly improved our mornings.

Do you have any routines that help you stay organized and helps your days to go smoothly? What works for you?


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