In the beginning

Everything that is new, has a beginning. Every idea, every thought, every journey. For me, this blog, this entry, is the beginning of what will potentially be, something that I hope will be inspirational, not only for myself, but for other people all over the world.

You see, I love to learn and I love to be inspired and grow. I hope that through my journey, that I can inspire and grow others along the way.

My desire for a work, balanced life has come from having two beautiful girls that I treasure. I love my time with them and would love to make the most of our precious time together. I also want to be a role model to them and to let them know that I can be a great (not perfect) mother and that I can still achieve whatever I set out to. I want to inspire them.

Along the way, I plan on asking (interviewing) other people on how they are able to achieve a work, balanced life. I work in the IT industry. It will be fascinating to find out what it is like for other parents, working in other industries. Do they get support to raise a family as well as grow their careers or are they forced to work 50+ hours per week?

I hope you will join me on my journey. I hope we can inspire each other to learn and to grow and to also take time out, in order to enjoy time with those in our lives we love and care about the most, while fulfilling our own needs.

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