Attending my first and possibly last school excursion

Today I joined my eldest daughter on her first ever kindergarten excursion. I joined several other parents as they managed to take breaks from their daily routines to join their child. It was so nice to actually see so many fathers come along. There is possibly still a stereotype that mothers take part in activities, so much so, that every time a dad popped his head into the classroom, people assumed the father was actually Gary, the bus driver!

Prior to going on the excursion, I had always imagined how wonderful it would be to take my children on an excursion one day. It’s something I had always thought would be a lovely thing to do. Knowing that I will be back at work soon, and quickly running out of available days to attend, I jumped at the chance to tag along.

Before the big day, I (and I assume the other parents also), had to sign forms stating that we wouldn’t take photos of other children. There were a bunch of other rules too, mostly common sense. Normally I would love to photograph and document everything, but today, I wanted to be a good role model to the children, and do as I was told.

The excursion was to a local theater to see a stage adaptation of the children’s book “The Cranky Bear”. Most children in the audience possibly wouldn’t have previously seen a stage performance before. The reaction from the children to the performance was quite amusing. Firstly, the actors sung the entire book in the first few minutes. The children (and some of us parents), thought it was going to be a rather short performance! Thankfully, there was more to the show than just one song. Possibly, something that was disappointing to the children, was the lack of decent costumes. This week in Australia, it’s Book Week. Children everywhere are encouraged to wear costumes to promote books that they have read and love. The children on the excursion possibly thought some of their costumes at home were better than the ones the actors wore.

Still, it was a lovely trip.

It was a short trip, only a few hours in duration, with most time being spent getting children on and off the bus and to and from the theatre.

I’m so glad that I was able to go on the excursion, even if the performance wasn’t really to my liking. We all had a great time. I loved spending time with my daughter and her classmates. I don’t know if I will get the opportunity to go on another excursion, due to work commitments, so I am so glad that I was able to go today.

One thing that excursions teach parents that tag along, is how tiring their day really is. The teachers do a fantastic job. It’s incredibly tiring to imagine doing it every day and then going home to your own family. It certainly made me appreciate, going home afterwards and resting while my baby napped, and that when I return to work, I will be sitting down at a computer.

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